A Time For Reflection

Kia ora Kowtow community,

2020 the year of great uncertainty. What a time for humanity to live through realising how fragile we are as a species in an even more fragile planet.

David Attenborough's latest documentary ‘A Life On Our Planet’ has rounded off the year with poignancy that now is the time to think and act in a unified voice, that works towards solutions that are firstly planet focused.

We put ourselves to work this year, seeing COVID-19 as an opportunity to ensure that everything we do at Kowtow is part of the bigger picture, and thinking towards a future that is biodiverse, clean, natural and fair.

The outcome was some very inspiring work which was deeply personal for me. I had to re-ask myself why do I get up each morning and dedicate most of my time to Kowtow? 

So, after 14 years of business, one child, and a life in London later, I recovered my why.

My why is to ensure that Kowtow is working with nature and not against it. It is to provide people with a natural and circular clothing solution, all whilst working in sustainability innovation, and surrounding myself with inspiring colleagues all driven to make the world a better place.

So here we are in a global pandemic, inspired, full of energy and making sure that what we are doing at Kowtow is good, genuine, authentic and continues to challenge us to make it better. Better for people and the planet.

As our Kowtow community, I want to thank you all for your support over the years, for it makes a direct contribution to a fairer and better world. ⁠

Wishing you a safe New Year, 
Gosia Piatek