Build Back Fairer

As we celebrate World Fair Trade Day, we think of our friends and manufacturers in India who are in the midst of disruption caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has threatened vulnerable garment workers around the world, and for us, this is a time when respecting people and our planet has never been more pertinent.

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A Time For Reflection

Kia ora Kowtow community,2020 the year of great uncertainty. What a time for humanity to live through realising how fragile we are as a species in an even more fragile...

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We are creating a solution to circularity

At Kowtow, we strongly believe we are responsible for what we produce and that it doesn't end up as waste. We design with the entire lifecycle in mind, and are...

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Conversation with Yoan Jolly

As one of our first employees, Yoan Jolly holds a special place in our heart. In 2008, he started at Kowtow as our graphic designer, and over the next 10 years he set up to shape our visual identity. While there have been many defining moments and projects that we can attribute to Yoan’s creative skills, perhaps the most recognisable to our customers is our signature prints that you all know and love. 

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Building Block – Paintings by Courtney Harper

Meet Courtney Harper. A familiar face to our Auckland community, you may have met her when visiting our Newmarket Store. When Courtney's not in the store, she is in her light-filled home studio painting. During the temporary closure of our stores, Courtney used her time as an opportunity to create a series of still life paintings centred around our new Building Block collection.

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Preserving the planet. Protecting the people.

This week we acknowledge Fashion Revolution, a global movement campaigning for greater transparency and ethics in the fashion supply chain. Fashion Revolution Week came to light after the tragic collapse...

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In Circular Harmony – A Photo Essay

At Kowtow, we believe that limitations keep us innovative. In our current climate, we have been continuously inspired by our team’s ability to express creative ideas with limited resources. One...

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Sharing Our Views

With life at home being our new normal at the moment, we've been finding ourselves taking a little more time to observe and notice everyday life. And with social distancing...

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Meet Our Retail Team - Part 1

At Kowtow, we are lucky to work with a team of incredibly creative and talented people, and our retail team is no exception. From making art using recycled materials, to...

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Connection & Community Through The White Shirt

Only a few weeks ago we were setting up an installation at Smith & Caughey’s on Queen Street in Auckland. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to share this with you, and...

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Kowtow Library

Since every day is different at the moment, we know that it's important to have a range of book recommendations, so that no matter how we're feeling, we've got the right text to get lost in.

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Kowtow Playlists

In our first week of working from the safety of our own homes, we've been finding ways to stay connected and maintain our positive workroom vibe. Music is a simple...

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Conversation with Zinnia Kumar

Model for our latest campaign, Zinnia Kumar, is a multi-talented woman whose work spans across multiple disciplines including science, philanthropy, fashion & film.

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